Wednesday, February 20, 2008

another one bites the dust

i survived another murder mystery on saturday night!! (read here for details on the last event). rosie's "tea room" was jumping!! you literally had to have "the password" to get in to this speakeasy!!

this event was a ton of fun - you've never seen this many flappers in one place!! sadly, i was too busy toting around my "juice joint waitress" tray to take any photos. but you might recognize "timmy flannagan the doorman".

and a quick photo i snapped of my "candy girl" outfit (i steadfastly refused to be called a "cigarette girl', so i offered Charleston Chews and Sugar Babies instead). sadly, i had already taken off my pillbox hat. my sister, jen (you know, the one who perfected using all 24 hours in day) *whipped up* four identical outfits for us!

and look at the adorable nametags she made for everyone, using a round deck of cards she picked up at Michael's:

did you know that "eleanor" was the 29th most popular girls name of the 1920s??

have you been to any fun parties lately?


Kelly A. said...

Fabulous! You sure do know how to lead a rich life. You and your sister are a powerful force!

Did you know Eleanor has always been at the top of my favorite names list? Love it!

Elizabeth said...

You look darling! Eleanor has always been on my list too. Then I married a man who wanted Hawaiian names. The Hawaiian form is still on my list though. Elenoa.

Barb said...

You are so cute in your little candy girl outfit! The queen of clubs nametag is awesome, too. I dont' know if I am fun enough to go all out and do a murder mystery, you are very playful!

michelle said...

I haven't been to any fun parties lately. You are making me want to try a murder mystery! I love that you were a candy girl instead of a cigarette girl -- I would have wanted to do the same thing. Whipped up 4 identical outfits?? That Jen is a dynamo!

Holly said...

What a fab fun-filled and creative evening--and it raised much needed funds! I would not have wanted to be a cigarette girl either, your candy girl was sweeter.

I have always liked the name Eleanor. Classic.

Now I have an urge to watch Some Like it Hot.

Anonymous said...

You look great! What a fun night- I want to go to a fun party and dress up.

I think we are blog reading at the same time- I just saw a comment from you on mine. Random!

Jenny said...

I have always wanted to attend one of those, maybe I will just have to get around and host one come next year. You look dashing!