Friday, February 08, 2008


3 miles on one of my "rest days." i've been feeling badly that i haven't been getting in my friday runs, and it was just so beautfiful when i got home from work.

(plus, i had some great new running tunes!)

i think i actually experienced a few moments when i didn't *feel* like i was running (somewhere in mile 2). i added the third mile as sort of an afterthought, making a twist in my route that i don't normally take. at that point, i was pretty much basing distance on my average mile pace. so i was thrilled this morning to map it out and see that i did indeed complete 3 full miles.

total time 45:43 at walk 1/run 13. my pace was a little slower than it's been recently. but i'm going to go back and check the total time on my first three mile run.

edited: o.k., so i checked, and i've taken 6 3/4 minutes off of my total time for a 3 mile run. i also noticed that i walked 18 minutes in my first 3 mile run, and last night, i only walked 4. that's pretty awesome!

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carlo said...

wahoo! music does it for me. sometimes a run song can come on when i am not even expecting to run and can motivate me

you are kicking butt!