Monday, February 04, 2008


had a fantastic 4 mile run on this beautiful spring-like weekend. it was great to push myself back to a 4 mile instead of "just a 2 mile." how funny is that? 2 1/2 months ago i don't think i could have dreamed of "just a 2 mile."

maybe knowing that i am totally capable of a 6 or a 7 miler makes a 4 miler feel different. i pushed myself quite hard in the second 2 miles, to make up for stopping and chatting with a neighbor. as a result, i was only a few seconds off of my best 4 mile time. wahoo! (the motrin was definitely calling at bedtime...)

total time 58:51 at walk 1/run 12.

nice what the new haircut does, huh??

1 comment:

carlo said...

4? oh yeah!

so great! and i do love the hair, as i've already told you