Monday, February 04, 2008


a friend recently told me that the run after a really good run seems a bit easier than most. i was on the way home from the grocery store this afternoon, and it just hit me that i wanted to get in a quick run. who wouldn't? it was 70 degrees and gorgeous!!

i had time for a 2 mile run before the super bowl kickoff, and i decided to run a route i haven't run in a while... juniper road. it is a quiet, undeveloped, gravel road that can a bit scary after the sun goes down. but on a beautiful afternoon, it is a great place to run.

nailed my first mile in 13:49. that is AWESOME for this 14+ minute-mile girl. i am really pleased that my *norm* mile is under 15 now!!

total time 27:41 at walk 1/run 13. life is good.

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carlo said...

you are so inspiring me, girl! love it.